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Maintenance of waterways in Holland is a huge job.

About 40000 channels we have, 2 huge inner lakes, lots of small lakes, 2 seas and some big rivers. Water maintenance is regulated by law. Water owners must clean the slopes before winter and make sure that the water can flow like it should. Our channels are not just fishponds, they are our water transportation system. Holland is under sea level for a huge part. We protect the country with dykes, dunes and a huge network of channels, big transportation pumps between the channels and at the end, pumping the water into the sea.

On not proper accessible places we'll use boats to clean up the channels.

In some cases, fish get tangled in the machines.

At the end we have clean accessible waterways. Photo's Enkhuizen area.

From October until May you may expect clean waterways. October and November are considered to be the best months for predator fishes like Pike from shore.

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